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Why Organic Cotton?

We invite you to become part of the solution and join us in supporting growers and producers who are makng concious decisions to heal our planet. Organically grown cotton shirts cost more, and in an effort to keep our prices down, we are actually making less profit. Here are some reasons we have made the choice to switch to organic cotton:

Conventionally grown cotton facts:

  • Cotton is the second most pesticide- laden crop in the world, before coffee and after tobacco
  • Five of the nine pesticides used on cotton are KNOWN cancer-causing chemicals
  • It is estimated that it takes about one third of a pound of chemicals to grow enough cotton for one t-shirt

Certified organic cotton is:

  • Grown with sustainable, non-toxic farming practices

  • On land that has been free of prohibited pesticides for a minimum of three years

Our organic cotton shirts are manufactured under socially responsible working conditions

See our GreenLinks page for more information on organic cotton.

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