Green Gift Ideas for a Healthy Planet
We are approaching the time of the year when some of us start to think about giving gifts to friends and family for the holidays. If we want to be a healing force on our planet, we give gifts that are healthy for the planet, and ultimately, healthy for us as well. Here are some healthy gift-giving ideas for you.


There are organizations that have already vetted businesses, products and services that help ensure our dollars are a positive force in the world.  I have found it helpful to rely on these organizations to save time and energy.

One way to shop green is to go to the Green America list of products and services that are certified as "green businesses". (Organic Attire is a Green America Certified business.)  Green America also has a 
Directory of Sustainable Gifts, Holidays, and Special Occasions you might want to check out. 

The Environmental Working Group is another great organization that has spent three decades doing research so we can make healthy and smart choices. Their consumer guides are invaluable. 


Another way to give a healthy gift is to make one. It is always precious to receive a gift from someone who has taken the time to make something for me. And of course, edible, healthy gifts are always appreciated!

Here are some ideas you might enjoy making, giving and even receiving. My gift to you. 

I love a hearty soup on a cold winter's day and the idea of gifting a soup in a jar appeals to me - a great gift to make and receive. If you go to  you can download different recipes along with the tags with directions that you can print out. I created the image below, which you can download and share if you like. It includes a recipe for a coconut curry soup in a jar along with the links. To download the following image as a PDF file click here

Along the same lines, you can also make some salad-in-a-jar as a fun and healthy gift. The image below with directions on how to put together a salad in a jar, includes the dressings and greens to make a salad ready to go. Another idea is to focus on wonderful toppings, which can make any plain salad a delicious meal. Just layer the toppings in a jar according to the directions. 

Below is a recipe for some yummy Lemon Coconut Energy Bites. (Click on photo to download pdf file.) You can find more delicious recipes at the Healthy Living Revolution site - look for the Complete Creations Recipe book. 

These bites all have one ingredient in common - Juice Plus+ Complete, which is a delicious, plant based, healthy, fast food that our family enjoys on a daily basis. We make delicious shakes with it as well as the energy bites. You can substitute another protein powder, although we recommend staying away from ones that contain whey or other pro-inflammatory ingredients. (If you want more info about JP+ Complete, you can contact Janae at this link:

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We hope these ideas are helpful. Remember, the best gift you can give someone is your love, attention and presence. Deep listening without judgement is a gift we give to others. 
May you be blessed as you gift others with your calm presence and if you choose to give physical gifts: healthy presents. 

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