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We dye and block-print our clothing by hand. Each garment is a unique work of art. Here is some information about the materials and methods we use.

Our dyes: We use environmentally low-impact, fiber reactive dyes for long lasting, vivid colors. Fiber Reactive dye will not wash out; the molecules of the dye combine with the molecules of the fabric to create a permanent bond, and thus the color becomes part of the fabric.

Our Dyeing Techniques:

Random Dye Method:

We use a random dye method, immersing our clothing in a fiber reactive dye bath, which we fix with soda ash so that the garments become colorfast. This method produces random patterns by the way the garments are arranged in the dye bath. The results are more subtle than most multicolor tie-dyes, and the soft, textured look becomes a perfect background for our designs.


Example of Random Dye Method

Low Water Immersion Dyeing:

In this method (also called crinkle-dye) the garments are crinkled on a flat surface and then placed in shallow trays, where dyes are carefully poured over them one color at a time. The amount of pressing on the fabric and the time they are left in the dye determine the colors and patterns. Although we try our best to keep the dyeing consistent, this is a somewhat random process and the results are varied in every batch.

texture dyed close-up

Example of low water immersion dyeing

Please note that with these techniques, although we weigh the clothing and the dyes, it is a random process and what you receive will not necessarily be the same as the photo you see on our website. Sometimes even different batches of the same dye color will vary. The colors could be lighter or darker. With the low immersion dye process, the colors can also differ depending on how the fabric takes the dyes. We do guarantee satisfaction and you can always return or exchange an item if you are not pleased with the results.

low water immersion dyeing

Low water immersion dyeing in plastic trays


blockprint close-up

Example of Block-printed Design

We make some of our artwork into blocks, which we use to block print our designs onto our garments, making each one a unique work of art. Many of the blocks we use, we carve by hand. Here is a definition of block printing from ArtLex.com:
Block printing: Printing methods in which a block of wood, linoleum or some other material's surface is carved so that an image can be printed from it — uncarved areas receiving ink which transfers to another surface when the block is pressed against it. Also known as relief printing.

Preshrunk and pre-washed: After dyeing our garments, we wash and dry them in a hot commercial dryer so that they will be pre shrunk.

Our inks: We use water-based, eco-friendly acrylic textile inks, which produce a non-fading print that is soft to the touch. Unlike plastic inks, our inks will not crack or peel.
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