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I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well. We are living in unprecedented times and I am reaching out because we need to be here for one another.

The Covid-19 pandemic is having disastrous effects on so many lives, including people who are near and dear to me. A few days ago, a close friend called me in tears to let me know that her brother, who was a medical doctor in NYC, passed away from Covid-19.   From a personal and emotional vantage point, this pandemic can be devasting. And yet, I wonder if we embrace this event from a spiritual or philosophical vantage point, can we see it as an opportunity for change? Image if humanity responded to this with love and we changed the course of our planet to one of sustainability and peace?

I know we all have our personal stories and challenges to surmount. Our personal story is that three of our shows have been cancelled and we are waiting to hear about the other five we do. This represents a large chunk of our yearly income. And yet, I feel so grateful to be well and strong and to live in a beautiful area with healthy food to eat.

About missing the shows:  The thing I love most about doing shows is connecting with people.  Besides providing folks with sustainable clothing they love to wear, it enriches my life to connect with everyone who comes into our booth, many of whom, I look forward to seeing every year.    

We all have something to offer. I want to be part of the solution and offer information to help people navigate this challenging time. Besides from providing organic cotton Art Wear, I can share tools that have helped me create a life I love living. Here is what I would like to share:
1) Tools to help people stay healthy and strengthen the immune system
2) Tools to create peace of mind   
3) A way to create an additional income stream.  

1.    Staying healthy and balancing the immune system: I am part of a worldwide network whose mission is to inspire healthy living. There are over 10,000 health professionals in our network who have enriched my life with a deeper understanding about wellness. Thirteen years ago, a classical homeopathist told me about Juice Plus+, which is 30 different fruits, veggies and berries in capsules and chewables. It is the most thoroughly researched whole food supplement in the world with over 40 gold-standard studies done at leading universities all over the world. It made a lot of sense, so I did my due diligence and checked it out.  I am so grateful for being introduced to Juice Plus+ because it changed my life! Ever since I have been taking it, I hardly ever get sick - I used to get bronchitis every year and have not had it since.  I have more energy - no more afternoon energy lag - and I feel younger now than I did 13 years ago. If you are open to learning more here are some quick links:

·         Having a strong Immune System: 

·         Tools for health:

·         Clinical research:

·         If would like to download some great cookbooks and watch some wonderful webinars, check out

     If you want more info or have questions I will leave my number below.

2.    Creating a daily practice of yoga, reading inspirational passages, meditation and exercise enable me to start each day off with a clear mind and a positive attitude. Here are some “tools” I use on a regular basis to create and enhance my daily practice.

Movement: I like to start my day off with a short, 7 to 10-minute yoga/stretching routine. It is short because I know if it were longer, I might not do it every day.  If you don’t have a routine and want to develop one, you can look on YouTube and find something that works for you. Maybe it’s not yoga. There are a lot of ways to stretch and tone the body. Here are a couple of short yoga routines for starters: a five-minute routine ( and a ten-minute routine (

Inspiration: After stretching, I often will pick up my copy of The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo and read the day’s entry. There are other online resources for inspiration that I often explore for inspiration.

Meditation: I then go into a meditation for about 15 minutes or so.  Insight Timer is a free mediation app that can also help reduce anxiety, stress and help one get to sleep. You can find it on your App Store or Google Play Store or online at I usually use the timer but often enjoy listening to guided mediations, courses, relaxing music and even bedtime stories and meditations.

Aerobic exercise: Guess what the best exercise is? (trick question) Answer: the one you will do. So, find a routine that works for you. After breakfast, Gary and I go for an aerobic walk in the hills where we live. We usually climb about 400 feet or so in altitude - I like getting the aerobics in without the jogging. Find what you enjoy doing and get out there and move!

3.    Developing an additional income stream: I had no intention of starting another business, but Juice Plus+ made so much sense. I knew I wanted to share it; however, I had some preconceived notions about the business and thought it was “one of those things” where I would have to invest in inventory and meet quotas. I was delighted to learn otherwise. I am grateful for getting whole food nutrition from Juice Plus+ in my body every day, partnering with “the company with a heart”, working with amazing people, helping others protect their health and finances, and – on top of it all - getting a significant check every month.  If you or anyone you know, wants to help others and is looking for an additional income stream, check this out: Any questions? Feel free to call or text me at 707-456-7035

I want to hear what is working for you! Please comment in the blog here. What is working for you and keeping you healthy and sane during this crazy time on our planet?

Much love and thanks for reading and being part of the solution!



Ryan Nordine

Date 4/7/2020


Date 4/7/2020

Tess McGuire

Date 4/11/2020

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