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Purple Crinkle Cropped Leggings
Purple Crinkle Cropped Leggings

Purple Crinkle Cropped Leggings

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Our stylish leggings are made of a 10 oz. organic cotton-spandex blend (92%-8%). Dyed with fiber reactive dyes, washed and dried to preshrink. This is the cropped, shorter version. They are purposely different than the tops to avoid the "lounge wear" look, although they are certainly comfortable enough to lounge around in! These leggings are crinkle dyed Deep Purple.

  • Made from soft, comfortable, organic cotton, sustainably grown without harmful, toxic chemicals
  • 92% organically grown cotton, 8% spandex
  • Dyed by hand with eco-friendly low impact, fiber-reactive dyes
  • Available in XS - XL
  • Made in California, USA
  • Designed, printed, and dyed in our Solar and Hydro powered off-grid studio in the hills of Northern California

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